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Global work place for academic, technical and superior content writers. Our SuperWriters write wonderful academic papers, college assignments, thesis, research proposals and dissertations.


Terms & Conditions

To become a member in our writing company you need to be an expert in your respective field and you must possess remarkable proficiency in English Language. We don’t hire writers with less than a university graduation i.e., posts graduation or Masters Degree. Please read all terms and conditions very carefully before applying for the writer’s job. After we receive your completely filled application form, we will review it and in most of the cases your application will be approved after a test task and personal online/on phone interview.

After final approval your account will become active as a Trial Writer for three months time. If you prove yourself as a good writer during this trial period, you will be promoted to the next level as SuperWriter. As a trial writer you will be paid the same amount of money SuperWriters receive. As trial writer you can visit your website account and apply for the orders you want to complete. After you become a SuperWriter; you will be authorized to Acquire orders directly from website without applying for those. You will apply or acquire any orders from available orders page. Once you got the order, it will go to Current Orders section in your account. You will complete and upload it from your account. After successful upload, your order will shift to Completed Orders section. Order will stay in completed section unless revisions (if any) are requested or customer finally approves the order. After final approval order will appear in your Payment Report and will be paid accordingly. If any completed or paid order needs revision, you will see the order in Revisions section. Whenever you get any revisions, you must hurry up to do revisions and upload these at your earliest. Lateness in uploading current orders or revisions may cause cancellation of order from customer and financial responsibility will be yours in such cases. You are also liable for the quality of paper in terms of both relevance to the instructions and its grammatical aspects. In case of quality problems orders’ payment may be reduced subsequently. If order is cancelled or rejected due to your negligence or non-professionalism, you may be fined or bear the prices of rejected/cancelled order(s) subsequently. We need 100% original writing from our writers. In case of any Plagiarism, Copied content or Theft; your payments will be stopped in FULL and you will be banned immediately. Always remember that we don’t compromise on deadline and quality of the papers. Orders once paid to you will become the property of SuperWriters.us and you will not publish, distribute or sell the paper to any one else.
Various payment options are available for our writers worldwide. The most common ones are Online Bank Transfer (SWIFT), Western Union, Bank Checks, and Pay Orders. We prefer online transfer as this is most convenient, economical and faster than other methods. We have fortnightly & monthly payment cycles for our writers. Orders are payable after these are reviewed and approved by customers. Normally it takes 15 to 21 days to get final approval from customers after the submission of orders. Your first time payment may appear in your payment report after 30 to 45 days and you will automatically get payments on fortnightly or monthly basis.If you resign or your services are terminated by the company, your final settlement will be made after three months of such event to cover revisions, refunds and cancellation of your written papers. We bear transfer fee if your payout is $300 or higher. In case of lower payments you will bear the transfer fee that is $40.

I have read terms and I am willing to join you as writer on these terms.                       


Dedicated and Hardworking Writer?

Our expanding working boundaries need more versatile, dedicated, committed, experienced and well qualified writers. If you are at least a university graduate with more than two years professional writing experience. You can apply to be a SuperWriter with us.

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